Saturday, April 25, 2009

new shoes

Remember the other day when I went on a shopping spree?

Today I bought 5 pairs of shoes.

This is not typical. Truth is, we were running low on lots of stuff; you know when your whole wardrobe needs an overhaul? I was kinda there. With shoes, too. And only 3 pairs were mine; the other 2 were Madeline's. A pair of everyday runners and CLEATS! Her first pair. I got some dress shoes, 'coach' runners and some fun everyday shoes. Let me go take a picture for you...

These are hers:

And these are mine:

Ok, mine look pretty boring there compared to hers, but they look smashing on with a good pair of jeans...

Does anyone else have a problem buying stuff? Part of the reason my wardrobe gets so blah is that I really don't like to spend money on myself. Every time I think "I need" something, that voice kicks in and says "No, you don't." And that's the truth - that is more the real me than the "I need it" voice. I have been to a lot of places where people just don't have anything. The drainboard in my kitchen that needs replacing is just one of the examples from today - What some people would give to have a KITCHEN like mine, let alone a drainboard that I think needs replacing because of a few dents and drainage problems. Here's a picture of a kitchen on a farm I visited in Kenya:

So. I am glad that I have had the chance to see a wider glimpse of what life is like elsewhere in our world. It does keep things in perspective here - we need to have a balance, right? of giving away what we have and at the same time looking after ourselves. Maybe generosity is the key - It's fine for me to own 15 pairs of shoes, as long as I am willing to provide for others who need as well. My money is not for me to provide for myself; it is God's and I am simply a steward.

And yes, they were all on sale.

Thanks, Father God, for our new shoes.


MOM said...

You must get your love of shopping from me ;) And, yes, I feel the same way - such guilt over having a lovely big house - but then I think of the hospitality stuff I can do with this house that we couldn't do before, and I am glad to have the opportunity to share it and use it and then enjoy the space and quiet without guilt when I am alone.

Love ya'

and got Madeline's call on Friday - will call back when I am home at a decent time, maybe tomorrow

Karen said...

Well is so easy to get caught up in the I need's and I want's of life, forgetting that there are many in the world who have nothing! The average home in a third world country is 10' x 10'and they feel privileged to have a roof over their head! Many work hard labor to earn $1/day, there are children who have to work instead of go to school, many children die before they reach the age of 5 years old. I'm grateful that God has allowed me to see first hand how others live...I now have a very different opinion of what I need in my life. I need to learn to live believing that Jesus is ENOUGH!

Jessica said...

O.K. So we all dislike shopping. It must be in the genes. I actually bought Solly a pair of pants the other day. He is growing too fast for Levi's hand me downs.


Marit said...

I sooooo LOVE that black heel-shoes (pumps??? we call it that way in Holland...)