Friday, April 03, 2009

Some Good and Some Bad

So we got word today that Raelene can go home!!! I don't think I've talked about Raelene's ordeal over the last couple of weeks, so I'll fill you in:

Monday, just about 2 weeks ago, our 14 month old niece Raelene grabbed a measuring cup with boiling water off the counter and got burned pretty badly. They've been here in the city in the hospital since then - the silver lining being that we got to see them more than we usually do - but they are so ready to go home! They were hoping they'd hear today that they could, and yay - that's the good news. They'll have to come back to get dressings changed, but she's doing really well; her face is just about all healed - except for the patch along her jawline and under her chin, you can hardly tell. She's been bandaged around her chest and one arm that got the worst of it, so that will stay under doctor's care for a while, but it's so good now compared to what it was.

The not so good news that isn't really terrible news, but still sad news, is that Sean's Grandpa Cecil died yesterday. He was 99, ready to go, and talking and happy with his family right till the end.

I got to hold a friend's baby today. Solomon Peter is just a newborn; it's amazing to see the two ends of life like that. One at the very beginning, and one at the very end.

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