Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Passions That Should Define a Christ Follower

I copied this list out of the book Unchristian and just found it in some notes:

- Worshiping God intimately & passionately.

- Engaging in spiritual friendships with other believers.

- Pursuing faith in the context of family.

- Embracing intentional forms of spiritual growth.

- Serving others.

- Investing time & resources in spiritual pursuits.

- Having faith based conversations with outsiders.

How does reading that make you feel? I did a yep, uh huh, okay, oh oh, shoot... Some yes, and some are a little lacking.

Unchristian was a great book; if you think Christians are a bunch of hypocrites, I'm sorry. The list above? That's what we're supposed to be like. I doubt many people would be able to say that all seven of those characterize them, but the thing is, a lot of us are working on it.

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