Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Weekend of Events

Six events in four days this weekend.

Today we drove four hours up to Nipawin for Sean's Grandpa's funeral. And four hours back again. His siblings all went to the service yesterday that was held closer, for his Grandma's benefit, since she's not well enough to make the drive, but we got to see some aunts and uncles and cousins as well as his parents. It was a nice service - the pastor was a small man with a great big voice. Sean was a pallbearer; his first time doing that. (And he wore a tie. I've never seen him in a tie except for our wedding day. We had to go out and buy one last night. He looked smashing.)

Tomorrow is the Good Friday service at church; normally I wouldn't include this as an event, but it's a joint service for our 3 churches here, and I get to play coordinator and make sure it goes smoothly. It's a tenebre service, which focuses on the seven sayings of Christ on the cross.

Also tomorrow is my nephew Matthew's birthday, so we'll be taking in part of the afternoon movie / Tony Roma's supper / cake at Grandma and Grandpa's. Uncle Ian got in from England today, so tomorrow's party should be an extra good time.

Saturday is an unfortunate overlap. We have a wedding to go to, which is fine, but the Ward family Easter get together happens to be at the same time. It will be good to see everyone, if we make it to some of that. It is here in the city, so at least it's a possibility.

Sunday at church is only one service, but it's a full one with a baptism and Lori and Byron having Kaleb dedicated. Then the McCall family is having Easter dinner at Carla's. I should find out what I should take for that...

We will definitely need a good sleep in on Saturday morning!!


MOM said...

I'll be thinking of you in all your buzy-ness. I always miss you guys at times like this. We're off the Good Friday Service this morning and we have Easter Breakfast on Sunday morning , followed by the service. Then the Friesens are hosting Easter dinner this year - they enjoy cooking in their new kitchen!

Dave said...

I thought you were the potato queen when it comes to the McCalls.