Sunday, April 19, 2009

randomness from my weekend

I played Dutch Blitz last night. It was so fun and has been so long since I played anything like that. (Pounce ROCKS!) I honestly don't remember the last time I enjoyed myself that much. It might be partly that it feels more like spring now, but it was raining yesterday; I think it was more that playing the game released those feel good feelings... yeah.

And today I felt GREAT. It has been way too long since I've just enjoyed life like I did today. The wind was chilly, but it was 15* out and the sun was shining. We went out and bought a new BBQ to replace the 14 year old one, got out our patio set, and Sean grilled burgers for supper... It might be, too, that this morning went well, and that I have felt pretty stressed this week about getting ready for my new class, and trying to find time for homework, and being out of routine with M home on spring break and not having time to do that stuff... Wow, I feel rambly, but that's ok - It's my blog and I can ramble if I want to! Bottom line, today was a great day. Relaxed, happy, played games with the kid, baked cookies, smiled, laughed... very nice.

I talked to my dad the other night. For 68 minutes. That was a highlight of my week.

We took M to Walking With the Dinosaurs on Friday night. Sean bought the tickets before Christmas but didn't get the time to actually pick them up before we left for Winnipeg so we didn't have them to wrap. We meant to print something off the computer to give her, but never got around to that either. And then we just never told her. She didn't know we were going till we walked in the Brandt Center and she said, "Is it the Circus?!" When I said no, she said, with quite a bit less enthusiasm, "A hockey game?" But she was suitably impressed when she realized...

Today was the last Sunday at church for our good friends the McIntyres. They have been transferred to Calgary and move this week. We have loved their family since they moved here 9 years ago and will miss them very much.

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MOM said...

Sorry to hear that the McIntyres are moving - they are good people. I guess it is Calgary's gain.