Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fun

I wrote the title thinking about tonight, and then thought back to the rest of my day... that made me laugh; my day started out at the doctors for a physical. Not what I'd call fun. But I have a great doctor and now it's over!

I spent a few hours at work, but left just after lunch and went shopping instead. :) I've been planning to do that for a while. Needed to stock up my wardrobe a bit. I tried on some shoes I might go back for, and came home with 2 bras, 2 tank tops, 2 t-shirts, 2 sweatshirts, 1 dress shirt and 1 pair of jeans. Got some good sales, though - all that for only $150!

For supper the menu said "BBQ" so Sean cooked. Mmm. I love when he (and not I) cooks.

He went off to help a friend with his car after supper, so M and I headed out to Chapters and got some drinks at the Starbucks there and browsed. A good Friday night.

And I just realized that this Bling Out Your Blog class that I signed up for starts on MONDAY. Cool. I'm looking forward to it. Since I have LOTS of homework to do before my next class next Friday (Pastoral Ethics - you should see the texts...) I think I might go tackle some of that now. To leave more time for blog fun next week.

Oh, and a question: SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder. Anyone else suffer from this? How do you manage it? Can you do it without going the meds route? Please comment!!!

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Anonymous said...

No need for meds. You can get a 'lightbook' which mimics sunlight. You sit in front of it for, I think it is 30 minutes, a day. At times you can get it at Costco and possibly online. We can talk about it next week.

How is the writing coming? Perhaps it is not SADS but rather assignment disorder :). If so, I have it too!

By the way, I love you blog.