Monday, April 27, 2009

Compassion Plug

I got mail today from Compassion Canada. They sent me a child packet and asked if I would help find a sponsor for this little girl. On one hand, I sort of feel that this is a dirty guilt trip trick. But on the other, if kids get sponsored because people think about sharing it with their coworkers or family, then ok, that's a good thing. Each child sponsored is one life - you can see the picture, look into their eyes and see how you can help. I think that's what makes child sponsor programs so attractive.

The child who is looking up at me from this packet I have in front of me is named Pyetra. She's a 5 year old from Brazil. Let me know if you're interested. Or go to the Compassion site and search for a child. You can browse by country or birthdates. This is what I was doing when I found our latest sponsored child, Salome. She was born the exact same day as Madeline; now she has a twin that lives in Ghana!

I just looked for the post with that story, and realized I never told it - I think I just put the short version on facebook and didn't get it on here. That will be my reward for finishing this paper I'm working on - I will scan pictures and tell the stories of our Compassion experiences. Now I'll quit procrastinating and get back to the paper. This never ends...


Karen said...

I'd love to see someone sponsor the child that was sent to Carolyn...but if that one gets sponsored, please feel free to check out:

Sponsorship really does make a difference in the life of a child and in my opinion Compassion is the best way to do it!!

Jessica said...

I'm looking forward to your stories about compassion. Or Compassion experiences.