Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY: Passive Humidifier for a Piano

This is a passive humidifier.

This is a passive humidifier in the context of our piano.

A passive humidifier is something you can make for free at home to keep your piano at the right humidity, which helps keep it in tune.  Our piano tuner told me how years ago, and since I was reminded of it when I had to open up the piano top remove it before it went away yesterday, I thought I'd put a helpful little tutorial up here for you and your dry, going out of tuneinstrument.

1 - Collect 3 2L pop bottles.  Cut the tops off.
2 - Get one wire hanger and cut the long piece free, leaving just the curve on the ends.
3 - Punch holes on each side of the pop bottles and thread the wire through.
4 - Get 3 strips of felt, long enough to hang over the wire and down 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the bottle.  I used a few scrap pieces sewn together to make it a little thicker.  These are your wicks.
5 - Fill the bottles with water; one almost to the top, one 3/4 full, and one half full.  Every month or so check the levels and top up the lowest one.

There you go - simple as pie!

This is our barren living room.  The piano was picked up yesterday, given away to whoever would take it off our hands, the same way we got it.  We plan to get a smaller electric one that will fit in that spot better, and sound way better.  Plus, it will be way easier to move if we ever need to do that.  We will watch for boxing day sales and see if we can't find a good deal then.  Madeline had her recital last night, and has a couple weeks off lessons, so not being able to practice will not be a hardship for her at all.  While that spot is open it's a good chance to fix up the paint, put on the baseboards and the grate.  So much work on this house...

And finally, this is M going through all the stuff that was in the piano bench.  Lots of books and recital lists and broken pencils - enough to keep her entertained for a while!

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