Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Tree

Last week, Sean brought in the Christmas tree box in from the shed. On Friday, he set it up. We got a new one last year, thinner than the huge one we had before, which was great - a free hand me down - but that just didn't fit with the new furniture quite so well. When this one went up I thought it looked a little scrawnier than I remembered, but didn't say anything. Saturday we went to get the boxes of decorations from the basement, and what's this? A Christmas tree box in with the boxes of ornaments...

The one in the shed was my OLD one from years and years ago. Too funny. So Sean promptly took a photo, listed it on Used Regina, then took it down and put the right one up. We got out the snacks & egg nog, turned on the Christmas music station on the TV, and got it all decked out.

I did a great job last year of putting the ornaments away sorted by theme - do you do this too?  I have lots of silver and blue stuff, which I think is my favorite, and a gold garland, red and gold apple ornaments, lots of stars, most of which are gold or white or crystal...  I had a bag of musical instrument ornaments, one of angels, a small one of favorites that go on every year, regardless of the color theme of the tree, and another bag of all the 'others.'  I got the silver and white tree skirt last year, so thought we'd do the blue and silver again - we'll have to find a silver topper, though.  The gold star is too heavy, and well... gold!  Maybe next year we'll do red and gold.  The lights are multicolored, but I'd like to get a plain white set to alternate with.

The stockings are under the tree and I just wrapped a couple of gifts that are under there, too.  I got out all the wrapping stuff and set up a little wrapping corner in my studio, so Sean and Madeline can do their own thing.  I just printed off two sets of labels that I found on Pinterest & will cut those up and put them down there, too.  I usually make my own, but this gives options for those in the family who don't.  You can find them here and here.

How do you decide what goes on the tree if you have too many ornaments?  Do you ever do theme trees?  What are your favorite ornaments?  I'd love to hear your stories.

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Nicole said...

How did your speaking go? I prayed for you. We went and cut our Christmas tree down this weekend...sold our fake one at the garage sale before we moved. We have vaulted ceilings so I picked a tall one. Dave kept trying to get the shorter ones cause they are cheaper!!! We did a theme tree a couple of years ago with sea shells, surfboards etc. and white light. I loved it but Ez wanted the regular stuff which turned into just the hockey stuff ...groan!!and colored lights I said lets compromise with white lights(which I love)and regular decorations.....well our tree is soooo big that half is in white lights and the other half in colored....(need to hit the boxing sales for more white ones) I put a few sea shells on the backside where the white lights are and put my silver bows on which he promptly took off!! I think next year he needs his own tree!!haha I love your idea of putting the stuff away in themes....I was just going thru and editing ours....one big box going to salvation army!!!Your tree looks awesome!!! I love the tree skirt!!! Nicole