Saturday, December 10, 2011

Second Saturday: Wasps, a Marathon Birthday Party, Curling & Appies

Sean & I both have vacation days left to use this year, so we took yesterday off together.  We slept in (I got up to get M off to school, but then went back to sleep), did a little shopping, a little baking & had friends over for dessert last night.  A great day - felt like Saturday.  So today feels like a second Saturday - yay!

Madeline went to a birthday party last night at 5:30 - it ends Sunday morning.  A two night sleepover party!  We slept in again today, then picked her up for her swimming lessons & took her back to the party.  Between getting up and picking her up, though, Sean thought it would be a good idea to tear down the ceiling in the basement.  Just the low part where he thought the wasp's nest was... It got torn down pretty quick while I was eating my cheerios, and this is what he found:

So while we were out (dropping M off again, test driving a new truck just for fun) we picked up the stuff we need to seal that area up.  That will make it warmer down there as well as the major perk of not having wasps in the house next year!!  Plus we're getting new carpet next week, so it will be a much nicer space to spend time in next year.  I don't think the moving plan will go ahead, so we will be here to enjoy it. 

Sean is off curling now and I just had a nice visit with an old friend.  Next on the agenda for our great Saturday is a supper of appetizers and maybe a movie while we munch.  Sounds like a great plan to me.  I hope your weekend is as nice and relaxing as ours has been!

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