Thursday, December 01, 2011


December first today.   Wow.

I pulled out our holiday album this morning and think I will add to it again this year. I have to figure out what kind of look 2011 will have & prep a bunch of tags so it's easy to throw in this year's additions. The first year I did it was 2009, and it was based on a free class from Big Picture Scrapbooking. Last year I cut big circles from kraft paper and added a bunch more stuff - it will be neat to look back over the years and see the things we did and the things that were important to us. Also, leaving room for next year's stuff puts a whole lot less pressure on me than if I had to finish a whole album. Unfinished is just fine...

Here's a few pages of it now - there are lots more that have less on them.

The photo from this year that will go on the December 1 page is this one:

Sorry, the quality control consisted of doing a quick frame up and then handing my camera off to a stranger.  This morning was Warren's swearing in at the Legislative - good to be a part of that.  From left to right, Colleen, a longtime family friend who used to work in Warren's office, girlfriend Theresa, Warren, Doug, Carla and Me.  

M has tomorrow off school, and so, as she often does, is off to Grandpa Doug's for a sleepover tonight.  She likes to visit with him, help him clean and likes to create stuff in his kitchen for them to eat.  He likes her company, so we let her go pretty much whenever it works out.  It's good all around.

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