Monday, November 28, 2011

Grateful on a Monday Morning

 I am a little tired this morning, but will pop in a workout video anyway, when I've finished here.  Monday mornings are always a full-head-space time for me: planning the week's meals and shopping list, thinking of the week and our plans and what needs to be done when, doing cleaning and chores and fitting in work, too.  I don't dislike Monday mornings, I just am aware that they take a different level of attention, and I'm feeling like a nap to start off the day wouldn't be a bad thing.  I am thankful for this Monday morning.

I've been napping more lately... I think that's ok for being almost 33 weeks.  I am thankful for this little active one inside me and look forward to our meeting! 

Especially since things may get infinitely more crazy before baby comes in January.  We are looking at the possibility of moving.  Looking after our future and investing... we want to buy another place and keep this one to rent out.  We already have people anxious to move in here, but we don't get to go look at places till tomorrow.  There are two that are possibilities in our minds, but I am convinced that our God is big and powerful and on our side, so I am praying for a great house at a great price at the perfect time.  I have my ideas of what those would be, but I am trusting in Him and in Sean and we'll keep you posted.  I am thankful for potential and exciting times.

I have had better mornings lately getting M out the door - my attitude has improved as I've been more aware (thank you, small group) of what I am letting into my life and how that affects what comes out.  I want to have a heart full of peace and joy, so when I tell M to get a move on in the mornings now, it's usually more patient and kind, sometimes joyful even - she likes her silly mom and if I can help her mood stay up, I will keep trying.  Amazing how that makes so much sense and how little we think about it - My actions affect her actions.  My words and tone of voice affect her words and tone of voice.  My attitude affects her attitude.  And until she learns to control those things on her own, I will keep trying to lift her up in all those ways.  How easy it is to bring her down (and let her bring me down!) - but I am the adult!  I am the parent!  I am the one who's responsibility it is to be aware and intentional about my actions, words and attitudes.  How else is she going to learn it?  So I am thankful for a week of good mornings, and look forward to more as I keep working on me.

Have a great Monday!  What are you thankful for?

I thought I'd link up with all the other grateful people over at A Holy Experience today...


Nicole said...

How exciting and overwhelming!!haha I know that feeling after just living it. It is neat to see what God's plans are. When we came here for our house hunting we had figured we would buy a very small house but God suprised us with a house that has a bedroom for each of our kids!!! We also moved one time 3weeks before I had Luke so I know all about moving /pregnant. We will be praying for clear direction for you guys and by the look FABULOUS!!!Did you ever find a coat? Nicole

MOM said...

I am thankful that you are MY daughter, so I don't have to be jealous of some other person having someone like you as their kid!

Carolyn Ward said...

Thanks both of you! No, I never did find a coat, but Sean's got a big yellow one that is a backup snowboarding jacket, and it works fine - I wore it out shoveling the other day. It's been warm enough lately that I just wear my usual ones undone. I've discovered, too, that while my zip up sweatshirts are pretty fitted, my pull overs are quite a bit bigger, so I've been wearing those more.