Monday, November 21, 2011

Resources to Help You Pray

Kat over at Inspired to Action has a list that I printed off this morning to help me pray with variety.  Do you ever get stuck praying the same things over & over because your kids bug you in the same way over & over?  I'm working on changing me in those areas that bug me, but I'm also aware that using another resource to help direct my prayers is useful.

Here is the Inspired to Action Prayer Calendar for Mothers  The link is at the bottom of her post.

I went looking for this because of a new routine I have of praying for my husband.  I found this list on See Jamie Blog, and keep it in my journal so each day I pray for Sean one thing on the list.  It has a great variety, all Scriptural, and things I don't always think to pray for him.  I thought having a list to pray for Madeline and the other children I try to keep in mind would be a helpful thing.

I hope that these resources are a help to you, too.
(I posted this this morning over on my Prayers for My Children Blog.)

What routines or methods do you use to remember what you want to be praying about?  I've used lists and charts over the years and am always curious about how other people make it work for them.  Thanks for leaving a comment!

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