Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Catch Up Post

A morning with room to breathe and catch up.  Lovely.  High on my priority list is catching up with you, so let's jump right in!

The Scrapbooking Retreat was a nice weekend away with lots of pages accomplished, and hours spent with friends.  I am photographing them right now and finishing up a few details on some of the pages as I go, and should have them posted for you today or tomorrow.

Baby is 30 weeks along and growing nicely.  Ten more weeks only till we get to meet!  I am still feeling fine, but am noticing that it is harder to bend over as easily.  It is also time for wearing winter gear, and my jacket and coat, while still able to do up this week, will not last me all the way through.  I am looking online for used ones, but may splurge on something new if I have to.

Madeline and I took a trip to Winnipeg last weekend and had a good time.  Often when we go it's for a holiday and we spend most of the time with family, but this time I planned to fit in a few extra days and made plans with friends a month in advance - it was good to see Melanie and George and Jen and MaryAnn and catch up with them.  One of Madeline's best friends from her class here moved to Winnipeg the same day that we drove out.  They got to have a visit and a sleepover on Friday, after Nicole's first day at her new school.  I know it helped M to see her again so soon, and hopefully it helped Nicole's transition, too.  Then on Saturday night she had a sleepover at Granny and Papa's (or at my place, as she calls it) with Grace, a friend from church there - it's funny to think she has friends there other than her cousins, but it's good.  The women's event that we actually made the trip for went well.  I spoke twice during the day and think it was well received.  I also sold my magic bags at a vendor table and made some good change, which was a nice extra.

A funny story from our trip - when we were packing up, my brother had just changed Z's diaper and made a crack about how back in the day he would have tried to hide it in our bags...  The first snow of the season came as we were driving home, and didn't make the roads too bad, but did lengthen our 6 hour drive into 7.  M was sleeping when we arrived, so I told her not to worry about unpacking, but to go straight to bed and look after her bags in the morning.  Can you guess what she found in her bag as she unpacked, looking for something to wear to school?  Yep - Z's dirty diaper, which had smelled up the entire thing.  She of course had taken all her clothes with her and ended up wearing the same thing as the day before, since it was the only thing that didn't smell.  It was all quite funny, really.  Her comment?  "Uncle Clayton, you stink!"

That's all for the moment, but watch for more posts coming soon!

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