Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday at the Shops

The only thing on the agenda today was to buy M a new pair of dress shoes before church tomorrow.

We had a good sleep in, I made homemade corn chowder for lunch, which we had with ciabatta bread and spinach dip, then we hit the shops.  No luck at the first one, but Payless was having a buy one, get one half off, so she ended up with new runners as well as the new dress shoes.  Her runners were trashed, but not as crucial as the dress shoes.  So, mission accomplished, and not too long into the afternoon, either.  Paderno, the kitchen store was in the same building, so we had a look there for dishes to go with our brown set that we can't add to.  They had a very limited selection of those, but lots of other fun stuff.

Since Thyme Maternity was in the same area, we popped in there to see if there were any decent sweaters on the clearance racks (no) and if there were any maternity winter jackets that I liked and were a decent price (no and no).  Home Outfitters was in the same shopping complex as well, so we stopped there too, to check out new shower curtain options and price out curved rods... and walked out with the works, including a new soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.

Then, Sean had an "idea" and we ended up at La Macaron for drinks and treats.  Mmm...  And just down the strip from there was a mother and baby store.  We just looked, but had fun looking!  And no coats there, either - well, there were, and I tried them on, and even liked one, but it was way too pricy.

From there, we popped over to Visions where Sean dealt with some return issues he's been having - they promised to have it all cleared up this week, so that was a good stop.  While they were there, I went next door to Fabricland.  I didn't buy anything, but got some ideas.  Then we all went next door the other way to a carpet place and got some samples and prices for carpet for the basement.  Carpet for the basement was not in the immediate plans, but that may change.  It would be amazing to have the whole basement renewed.

Then we came home.  Sean installed our new shower rod and got the bathroom style cranked up a notch or 4, Madeline chucked her old shoes, and I made banana bread, inspired by the loaf pans at Paderno.  A good outing all around, and some good satisfaction at home because of it.

Now we'll heat up some leftovers for supper and have a family movie night watching Star Wars.  Good times.  I hope your Saturday was as satisfying as ours has been!


Nicole said...

Love the new bathroom stuff!!! The rod looks AWESOME!!!! Hope it was easy to put up. Mine took all day and I almost took a hammer to it at one point!!hee hee. Sure do miss Regina shopping...NOT the snow but definitely the shopping!!!! Sounds like a very fun family day!!!I also made banana loaf or should I say mini banana loaves with choco chips in all but two....those are for Dave's breakfast. Have you checked Value Village for a coat? You never know?? Might be fun just for the hunt!!! Nicole

Carolyn Ward said...

Nicole - Sean had it up pretty easily, I think. The banana bread was another matter. After 1 hour it was still doughy in the middle - same thing that happened to my last try (different recipe). I'll have to get a thermometer and check my oven. :( So I added 10 minutes, turned off the timer and forgot to take the loaf out or turn it off. So after an hour and 40 minutes, when I finally remembered it, it was done and good!

And M loved Star Wars! Her reactions were great, and I love all the memories it brought back - I haven't watched that in forever.

I will try Value Village for a mat coat - I checked Used Regina and Kijiji, but no luck there. Oh, well, I can also hijack Sean's big snowboarding jacket if I need to.

nicole said...

I have that same problem with banana loaf that is why I make mini banana loaves!!! My mom and sister make amazing banana loaf but mine is always either doughy or overcooked(to avoid doughy)ha ha I finally just gave up and stick to the mini loaf pans there is 8 mini loaves in one pan sort of the size of a 9x13, It uses the batter for one regular banana loaf which then allows me to customize some of them ie choco chips ha ha and they are ready much quicker....Hope you find a coat!!!!
My guys love star wars too. I think I bought it one year for the 19hr drive out to B.C. worked like a charm....silence in the car! ha ha