Monday, December 12, 2011

Feeling a bit like Mary...

Just wrote this on my work blog and thought I'd share here, too:

In some ways I'm feeling like Mary.  

In the 'big uncomfortable can't wait to meet this little person' way.  
In the 'God is amazing and I'm not sure where life is going, but I know He's in control' way.
In the 'I have great husband that I trust will hear God and lead us well' way.

In some ways, though, it's way different.

We usually travel at Christmas, but this year, being 'great with child' we are free to stay put.
My doctor and hospital and health care is here and ready whenever I need them.
This little one of ours was planned - no major surprise like Mary's baby.  I suppose by the time she was this far along, she was used to the idea.
I imagine she got a lot more negative attention (being an unwed mother) as opposed to all the positive support I've felt the whole way through.

I wonder...

Was Jesus pushing up under her ribs, causing her to not sleep very well at night?
Would she have wondered about each movement like I do, trying to figure out if that's a foot or an elbow, and which way he's positioned?
When was 40 weeks for Mary?  Was she perhaps due in January like me, but had Jesus early due to the travelling?  Christmas marks 36 1/2 weeks for me - right in the 'any-time-now' zone.

Just a few thoughts as I experience a Christmas feeling in some ways like Mary must have.


Amanda said...

I've been thinking similar thoughts (and am due Jan 4)...

How did Mary manage a 90 mile walk? I might be able to manage two before needing a nap.

Did all that walking cause Jesus to come earlier?

How long were they in Bethlehem before Jesus was born? Was she dealing with contractions on the way there?

What stranger helped with the delivery? The innkeeper's wife? Joseph (who is still kind of a stranger)?

Carolyn Ward said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Amanda! All the best to you and your little one.