Wednesday, February 20, 2013

13 Months!

Nolan is a year and a month as of yesterday, the 19th.  Not 19 months as has come out of my mouth every time someone asks how old he is lately.  (Which reminds me of the 1:30 doctor's appointment I missed last month - on Tuesday the 22nd - because I thought it was - you guessed it - at 2.)

Nolan at 13 months has decided that he only needs one nap a day.  Quite suddenly last Monday he fussed away his morning and only went down in the afternoon, and every day since then he has not been ready to sleep till late morning or noon.  He's down for 2 or 2 1/2 hours then up till bedtime without too much fussing.  I guess we have stepped over another milestone!

This one's for you, Nicole!!

He's got a bit of a cold right now, but I think the teeth are the primary problem that are keeping him up at night.  He's got his bottom two molars through fine, now there's one top molar and one top incisor making their painful way through.  I'm not counting how many times I get up (and not really minding the middle of the night snuggles, truthfully), but I may have spent more time in the chair in his room than in my bed over the last 3 nights.

What else can I tell you?  He climbs, runs, dances, spends about 4 minutes in his bath before he's done & wants up.  He gives great strong hugs, open mouth kisses, and loves rubbing babies heads.  He likes M's bop-it toy, pulling big-kid games off the shelf, and my machines: he pushes buttons, turns knobs and pulls out thread on my cricut, serger and sewing machines.  He likes the washer and dryer and being carried down the stairs in the full laundry basket.

Spaceman Nolan

He loves the kitchen and wants to see what is on the stove and in the oven when things get stirred or checked, loves when the buttons are pushed and timer set and numbers flash and buzzers go off.  His most played with toys by far are the pots and pans, which will need replacing someday because of how his lid-banging has chewed up the edges.  He is starting to be interested in using a spoon and fork...

He has a bit of a temper that we are working on heading off now - it's hard to express your displeasure properly without being taught that hitting and crying aren't the best way.

He likes being outside playing in the snow.  We did that a few times last week when it was warmer out; he doesn't mind the chill and gets a kick out of pushing the snow around and riding on the sled.

He likes music and stops to dance when you first turn it on.  We listen to his Sunday School Sing-Along CDs in his bedroom and the kids music channel on the TV in the basement.

He enjoys books and his favorites are:
  • Give me Grace, a book of daily prayers that he got from Auntie Jen & Uncle Clayton for his dedication (we read it multiple times a day)
  • A couple with cutouts that he can put his hands through from Auntie Jen and Uncle Kevin for his birthday
  • Big Red Barn is a perfect bedtime one (from Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Sheldon)
  • Hug, which I got him for Christmas and loved so much that I got another two copies to give as 'thanks for coming to my party' gifts for his birthday.

That's our boy in a snapshot - very much enjoyed.  You are all welcome to come for coffee and enjoy him, too.  :)


Nicole said...

Thanx for the picture! The boys got a kick out of seeing him in his sunglasses!! He is growing soooo fast. It sounds like you guys are having so much fun with him.

Carolyn Ward said...

We are having fun with him, Nicole! We've had the sunglasses out before, but this is the first time he would keep them on, and wore them around quite a bit. So funny.