Friday, February 01, 2013

Beauty in Buttons

Nolan and I have been playing this past week with little things: first, the beans I was using to fill beanbags, then the little stones in the tray surrounding the candle that I was moving downstairs because surprise, now he can reach the centerpiece on the big coffee table, then yesterday, we were into the buttons.

It's so cool to see him taking in new sensory experiences, and to see his fine motor skills developing.  Some of the buttons had come from a little jar, and he was holding that and putting the buttons in it.

The buttons we were playing with were the ones from Mom's stash that she passed on to me when she gave me my sewing machine, so there are a lot of fun vintage ones in there.  I kept seeing new ones, and seeing patterns; I wondered about who designed them...  Surprising - and not at the same time - to find beauty in little things like that.

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