Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy February!

Happy Valentine's, Happy Long Weekend, Happy Saturday with nothing on...  It's a beautiful sunny day, the house is quiet with the little one napping and everyone taking their 'me' time.  Sean had to go in to work for a couple of hours this morning and I had to make sure I was home at lunchtime for someone to come buy some magic bags, but there's no soccer or anything else scheduled today so it feels so relaxed.

Our Valentine's Day was nice.  M took cards to school for everyone; her last time, since she'll be in high school next year.  As it was, only 2 kids in her class took them.  We found some awesome free printable Star Wars ones online; I got them printed at Staples and picked up the glow stick light sabers at Michaels.  So fun.  I had Nolan scribble with markers on cardstock then cut out Valentines for M and Dad from it.  I made Valentines out of my scrapbooking paper for the kids and a little book for Sean; I am part of an online small group (through (in)courage) and in November we wrote out one thing each day that we are thankful for our husbands for.  I hadn't shared that with him yet, but put it all in a little book now for a special Valentine.  He came home with beautiful roses, and then after N went to bed we ducked out for a little dessert date ON OUR OWN!  Sad to say those have been on hold while little one is so attached.  But it was an uneventful hour for M at home with him, and a nice date night for us.

I didn't clue into the fact that it was a long weekend until yesterday; it will be great to have Daddy and M home with N and I on Monday.  Maybe we'll all go outside and play in the snow together, since N is having fun doing that this week.  Or there is "Lattes and Bouncy Castles" at the church from 10-2; if it works out with nap time we might take that in.  Speaking of nap time, it looks like today will be day 6 in a row that N has only had one nap.  Boom, he just got big.  And I found 2 more teeth today, up top.  It's dangerous checking in there.

And now it's bedtime... we went out shopping for boots for Nolan, then hit the snow out back, all 4 of us in our ski pants and ready to play.  Got some good smiles and laughs from the boy when Dad took him sledding down the little hill - awesome.  Two more days of weekend.  Looking forward to them & loving my family.

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