Thursday, October 31, 2013

Early Childhood Development Amazes Me

I'm amazed at the development of our 21 month old.  That's 1 3/4... wow.

He's talking lots, and making himself understood: he'll repeat something over and over patiently until you repeat it, and if you get it wrong, he'll keep going...  He'll also use other words or take you and show you what he means.  Communication!!

He's singing, sort of... when we sing our usual songs, he will chime in with the last word in the phrase.  And with Hickory Dickory Dock, a good 'BONG!' for the clock striking one!  Our 4 at bedtime are Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jesus Loves Me (so cute to hear him sing most of this!), Twinkle Twinkle, and still Row Row Row Your Boat.  All three verses.

He's learning his colours.  And his numbers.  He likes eleven.  Today he said 'one, two, three, four' all on his own.

His climbing and jumping and throwing and playing in the bath all make him look so big.  When I take him out of the car I'm more likely to put him down so he can walk rather than carry him.  That's often when I notice that he's really not my little baby any more.  Even grocery shopping - sometimes he needs to be contained in the cart or in my arms, but he likes walking along and pushing the cart and generally stays close.

We went to the Harvest Party at church last night - with borrowed elephant and giraffe costumes to choose from, he went as a Rider Fan in a t-shirt and hat...  He had fun playing the games, though, and collecting treats!  Today the neighbour called saying he had something for N and the little guy down the street, then he was hiding out and not handing out candy - M was able to talk him into the elephant costume, they went across the street and came back with a bag stuffed with a bag of chips, two bags of gummy worms, and five full sized chocolate bars.  Might have to help him out a bit...

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