Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welcome Alice&Victor to Etsy!

It's a big day, everyone!  I've been getting set up for a couple of weeks and I'm ready to show you the 'finished' product... my new shop!

Alice and Victor are the kids' middle names, both named after loved grandparents.  I figured it would be a name I wouldn't grow tired of.  :)  In trying to come up with a description (because Alice&Victor says nothing about what I sell), I realized that useful and colourful described pretty much everything I make.  And seeing all that fun colour when I use them lifts my spirits a bit, so I threw in playful... a better word than happy, I think!

I am thrilled that I have items selling in retail shops and through word of mouth and online sites like UsedRegina; I set up a shop of Etsy as another outlet to sell the goods I sew. I'm not expecting it to be a huge income generator, but a place where my goods can be found by people who are searching for them.

My business cards are ordered and now I have to figure out how to re-package some of my things with the new branding.  I chose the blue/grey background and dark blue letters because what I make is usually so colorful.  For a while I had brightly colored and patterned cards, and while I really liked them, they were often too busy and clashed with the goods themselves. I think these will go fabulously with what I make - I like that the font is a little playful, too.

I'll sign off here, because I know you want to click over and check it out, ha ha... As I put Nolan down for his nap today, I told him I was going to go rest, too, and he told me 'Nap.' I think that might be a good idea... Later, friends!

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