Monday, October 07, 2013

Scrapbook Pages!!!

It's been a long time since I had pages to show you!  I had a good time at the retreat, though; while some of my friends make works of art and only get a few pages made all weekend, I usually want to come away with as many pages as I can.  It is a good place to spread out all your supplies and take the time to play with more time consuming techniques, but I kept it all pretty simple this time around.  Pretty much my style anyway.  Without further ado, in alphabetical order, here they are!

M's 14th Birthday

Just a series of shots I took of N playing with a friend's trike.

This one I did a while ago, but never took a photo of.

Frozen blueberries make a messy snack.

Cousins.  Always gotta get one of these shots.

This is M!!!

An 8.5x11 just for fun.

From a little photo shoot at the park down the street.

Love this pic from a few years ago.

Love these photos.

Always so interested in looking at and touching what's down there.

She's so pretty in this picture.

Part 1...

...and part 2.

Love this picture - and I took it with my phone!!

*A note on the photography:  I made a lightbox for taking product pictures, and it worked great as a place for shooting these.  I propped it on the back of the couch catching the indirect light through the window, but balancing on the couch and using no flash made for a case of the fuzzies...  I'll rig it up better next time, but thought I'd rather show these to you imperfectly now instead of next week sometime...

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Suzanne S said...

Awesome! You do such incredible work. You inspire me. And it was just nice to share the weekend with you again. Welcome back!