Monday, October 28, 2013

Have time for a coffee?

Hello, Friends. There's a reason I haven't promised that I would post on a regular schedule... because life's not like that for me!

I got an order last week from Ambassador Coffee saying the coffee cozies they bought were selling really well, and when could they get another 50?  So I've been ironing and cutting and sewing and stitching on buttons and this morning I delivered 60!  That's thanks to my business savvy husband.

I bought these 3 packs from Cindyrella's Quilt Shop for making the tops (here's me telling all my secrets), and made up as many as I could make from them, along with some other fabric I had been planning to use.  I had a few on hand already, too, so when all was said and done, I had 60 made.  I planned to take them the 50 they ordered and list a few on Etsy, but Sean suggested when I let her know they were ready, I should ask if she wanted all 60.  So I did.  And she did.  So happy selling to me.

Here's what 60 looks like.

The new labels!

We are back in the swing of things with soccer.  Sean usually takes M to the evening practices while I put N to bed, but usually we can make it to the games.  Nolan likes being there, and likes that we usually get him a Tim Bit when we get our coffees...

This week we have a piano recital and a harvest party at the church thrown in the mix, the Amazing Race for youth group, and then a tournament this weekend, so it should be a fun busy week.  M has been going to youth at another church with some camp friends, and it's been a good group for her to be a part of.  They are on different nights so she can usually make it to one or the other most weeks.

Ciao for now - have a great Monday!


Nicole said...

Awesome!! The labels look fantastic. I have been sewing blankets and had considered(for a moment)haha selling them. I just have so much fun sewing them. Just not sure I could make enough money because fabric is so expensive even when I get it on sale!!! Nice that you can make a bit of money!!!

Carolyn Ward said...

Thanks, Nicole! I have a promo code for if a friend wants to open a shop - we would each get 40 free listings! Listings are cheap, but if you got your first 40 free, you'd be at zero risk... So if you decide to go for it, use :)

Nicole said...

Thanx but I think I would need a bit more stock first!!haha and maybe a few more ideas but I will keep you posted!!