Sunday, January 17, 2010

Black Clouds & Silver Linings

My van is done.  Head Gasket.  It's a sad day - not because I love my van, just because it costs so much to replace!!  It was having problems early last week, and Sean tried a couple of things, then it was still acting up, so I had it towed from my place into my mechanic, who ruled out the lesser gasket problems and said, at 5 to 5 on Friday that it was the big bad one. 

I think Sean's going to call him tomorrow morning and say not to even bother fixing it - we won't even get as much on it as a trade in as it would take to fix it...  We'll see on that one.  Bottom line, I'm getting a different vehicle.  We went shopping all afternoon and have it narrowed down pretty good.  Sean's been online and tonight and already found a better price for the same vehicle we were looking at, so hopefully tomorrow evening we can pick that up and make it mine - amazing how fast something like this can go.

Yuck, car payments.  Yay, new car!  Of course by new I mean new to me.  The one we're thinking of is a 2009, though, which is pretty new in my books!

I'm going to go get on the treadmill to try to improve my mood.  This, rather than chocolate, is my new method.  (Let's see how long I last...)


Alexis said...

I recommend oranges. Better than chocolate. (But that might just be me, at this current point in my life. Normally, I'm the first one at the chocolate!)

I hope you find a wonderful new car. And 2009 definitely counts as new...

Denise said...

I think if you work that treadmill you deserve a little chocolate. And, as much as I'd like a new(er) car, it *is* nice not to have that car payment...oh wait, I'd better be car has good ears and is very sensitive...shh...LOL