Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow People and Torches!!

The big paper is done and in and I feel wonderful!
One more and I'm DONE.


In more important news, we got to be part of the fun of the Olympic Torch Relay today, as well as the Ice & Fire Carnival.  Here's some shots of the day:

Most of the kids in the group.

 The Olympic Mascots!!

Look at that video camera in her face!

Here's the group in action...

and M in action.
Check out the snow sculpture in the background of kids
(they're fake - it's just clothes!) and the giant snowball.

M and Sean after the performance.

The Olympic Party in Regina...

and the torch right in front of us!

The Ice & Fire Carnival continues tomorrow, so if you're around, M's dancing in the processional at 3 and then performing again at 4:30 and 5:30 at the circle stage.  (This is all at the Rider practice field between the Mosaic Stadium and the Lawson Aquatic Center.)

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Alexis said...

Looks like it was pretty fun! I can't believe how grown up she seems. Please give her a hug from me (and give yourself one too)!