Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spring in January and the Molympics

Yesterday it was +6 degrees!!!  Today I only saw it go to 2 above, but wow, what crazy January weather!

That's partly why M was outside playing after school yesterday for so long.  When I went out to check on her, she said, "Mom!  Come out and see the sports I made up for the Molympics!" (That's pronounced moe - lympics.)

The first one was sliding down the pile of snow on the back deck to the grass, on her back, head first.  She had crafted a nice little curve at the bottom, and said this event was for speed.  The next one was a two-step-and-flip-over-your-head move from the sidewalk to the snow pile on the side of the walk.  I wasn't about to try either one, because I wasn't dressed for the snow... But I did try the third one, and walked away in my Sorels with a Gold Medal in the long jump off the deck.  I had her by a foot.

Tonight M is off to Girl Guides, Sean is off to play shinney with a bunch of guys, and I think I'll start on my last paper...  The tree came down last night and as soon as the box is gone from the living room, Christmas will be over for another year.  While I was doing that, M was laying on the couch doing homework and Sean was being Mr. Fixit, installing weather stripping stuff around the doors and doing other odd jobs.  A productive night all around!

My friend from the office next door is in the hospital with appendix issues.  He's been in almost a week, and he's got a ways to go before he's fully healthy again.  If you're a pray-er, lift one up for Byron and his family.  He's the youth pastor, and his sponsors are doing a great job carrying things along.  (Since he was away and Henry was at a retreat and David was at a course and Janet's in Hawaii, Darren and Elizabeth and I had staff meeting at Roca House today...  :) )

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