Saturday, January 23, 2010

<< contented sigh >>

What a good day.

We were up early to take M out to Dallas Valley Ranch Camp for the Girl Guides camp, and the new vehicle stood up to the challenges of slick streets, lots of new snow and rural driving.  Sean and I went out for brunch and browsed around at a couple of stores (including picking up some stuff to make for supper, making later easier!) and were home by noon.  Normally after sleeping in on a Saturday and doing all that, the day is half over!

When we got home, there was a call from our hair salon advising us that we'd need to change our appointments since Treena was in an accident and would be out for a few weeks.  What??  Treena is a good friend, so I followed up and sure enough, she fell on the ice and broke her leg and was in the hospital.  :(  That's obviously not what made it a good day, but it was so nice to have the time and freedom to drive down and have a visit.

Funny story from there - another friend had knee replacement surgery on Thursday, so I thought I'd find out if she was in the same hospital and pop in to see her, too.  Not only the same hospital, but the same ward, and next door!  Treena and Rose had their heads up against the same wall!!  What a funny coincidence.  And so I got to visit with Rose, too.

At home I got a few chores done, work prepped for tomorrow morning, and a good hour in on my paper, along with taking a big chunk of time to sit and read.  That's why it's such a good day - still hours to do stuff, but so much accomplished and so much relaxing done already.  Nice.

Here are some pictures for you:

This is M all prettied up for dress up day at school.  I picked up a new top and shoes for her (she had 0 pairs of dress shoes and was lacking in the dressy top catagory, too...) and with her sweet pants, new headband and sparkling necklace from the Friesens and earrings, she was beautiful.

This is one of my favorite shots from the last month - sledding in the valley by the farm on boxing day.

And M and cousin K.  The hand-me-downs we took at Christmas will take a while for her to grow into, but she was pretty thrilled to get them, I think, and it was really cute to see her in this one!

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