Monday, January 25, 2010


The schools are open, but the buses are not running.  The funny thing is I was planning on driving her today anyway, because I was going to go on a field trip cross country skiing with her class today.  But if the buses aren't running, then there's no trip either, so we stayed home.  No point braving the roads and other stuck drivers if we don't have to.  I called work and Henry was the only one there... with M having a day off on Friday, I guess I'll be working 3 full days this week.

So far we have:
  • done the dishes
  • gone over math times tables
  • practiced piano
  •  had cinnamon buns for a morning snack
Now we're going out to play in the snow (and shovel).  I'll be back later to update this post with the other adventures in our snow day!
Part 2
We were outside for an hour or so - Madeline said her favorite part was that I made the chores be part of our game.  When she first said let's play that we were in a plane crash and we have to figure out how to survive in the wilderness and all we have is..., I thought it makes me feel old that I'd rather just get the shoveling done than use my imagination and play in the snow with my kid.  How sad.  But I did make the right choice, people.  We used 'pieces of the plane's wing' to clear a path to the area where we thought we heard some other people, Madeline made us a fort to sleep in while I made a big SOS (clearing the snow off the top of the trailer), and then we explored to see if we could make it to that big road or runway over there...  It was fun, and good to be out in the fresh air.  When we got to the front to shovel the last bit, the neighbor had already attacked our front walk with his snowblower! 

I worked a little bit while lunch was making itself on a couple of projects - can't check anything off our list for that, but, like a puzzle, they are a couple steps closer.

Now, it's room cleaning time for her and paper time for me.  Pray for FOCUS!

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