Friday, January 29, 2010

Photos of our week.

Here's my new ride...  I was waiting to show you until I could get a better picture than this, but this will do for now because my dad wants to see it!  It's quite nice to drive - smaller and easier to maneuver than the van, but still roomy and practical.  It still has the same 'I'm up high and can see everything' feel, but way more sporty.


This was our Monday.  M getting her first look at all the snow that had us stuck at home.


Outside playing in it.

We shoveled the walks as part of our 'game' - we survived a plane crash and had to go look for other people or roads... It was very long and involved forts and sos's on top of the race trailer...
This was pre-shoveling, obviously, and by the time we got to the front to do this part, the neighbor had done it with his snowblower.  :)
This was the third time in 3 days that we shoveled the walks.

A little Wii after the snow, with some happy results.

The school buses didn't run all week, and today (Friday) is a day off, so I drove the kid to school Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, and then me into work until it was time to pick her up again.  Being in the office for 6 1/2 hours instead of 4 sure had more of a full time feel, but with Monday and Friday at home, I'm still pretty spoiled.  There are definitely perks to working a flexible part time.

In other happy news, on Wednesday night I sent in the last paper for my last class for the program I was in through Carey Theological College.  I will graduate with everyone else here in the Regina satellite campus this spring, and then I'm planning on taking at least a year off before I decide whether I want to pursue the full masters or not.  I've got 13 courses under my belt now, so if I were to continue with the Masters of Pastoral Ministry program I initially signed on for, I would have 5 or 6 courses left.  If I upgraded to their new Masters of Divinity program, I'd be about half done now.  So we'll see in a year or so what I'm feeling like doing!


And this is Christine's house, where I went last night for a 'Sew Whatever' party.  How fun!  Heidi, Kari, Jenn, Karen, Jill and Suzanne were all there, too, and that's Christine in the blue in front.  I won't tell you what I was sewing, cause that might spoil the surprises in the mail... but Jen, if you want to send me a picture of it on her when it gets there, I'd love to have one!

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Karen said...

The 'sew whatever' party was a great night thanks to everyone there!!!