Friday, August 06, 2010

C is for Camp

...and that's where M is this week.  For your viewing entertainment, here are some photos of M at KBK (Katepwa Baptist Kamp) from 2004 to the present.  

2004 - Just out for a visit.  Cute hair - it's just growing out from when she cut it all off.

2005 - This was at family camp.  Still not old enough to be a camper on her own.

2006 - There is more to camp than the lake!  Judging from the time of day, though, we were just visiting again.  And when you're visiting, you hang out on the beach.

2007 -  This is what camp is all about!

2008 - Ok, it is lots about the water, too.

2009 - It's not usually about horses...  We love horses, but KBK doesn't have them.  This is from family camp at Valley View in Manitoba; we lost our pictures from most of this year, including the KBK ones, but the fam sent me their copies since they were all there, too.

2010 - This was taken Monday when we dropped them off.  They will look much more bedraggled (and dirty) tomorrow when we pick them up.

What are your best camp memories?
Do you have a camp that you call 'yours'?


Violet said...

Camp was always looked forward to growing up. "My" camp was Cypress Bible Camp in SK growing but I also have some memories of good times at KBK winter camp.

HoJo said...

Madeline is so tall! Yes, I believe she will be taller than me when I get home....How tall is she?

My favourite memories at KBK? So many... the staff and the kampers are definitely what made it the best though!

Carolyn Ward said...

5`4`` when we checked in June. :)

maddy said...

now im 5 9' and that was a fun week