Saturday, August 14, 2010

H is for Heat...

Perfect Heat, that is.  Perfect Heat is the name I gave to the 'magic' bags I make when I decided to take them to retailers this spring.  I have them for sale now in 4 gift shops and the bookstore in a local massage school.

Tuesday this week we were sitting around the living room at my Mom & Dad's, and somehow ended up googling ourselves to see what images were online, and for my name, this is what came up:

When you follow the link, it takes you to the 'Featured Artists' page of the Government House Historical Society.  Ha!  That was an ego boost, finding out I was a featured artist!  I was pretty happy this spring when those places said yes, they'd be interested in selling them.  Besides Government House, you can find them at the gift shops at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Legislative Buildings, and Pasqua Hospital.

Then on Thursday, I got home from work to find a message on my phone - the Pasqua Hospital Gift Shop was calling to say they only had one left, and could I bring by 5 more!!  Yay for repeat customers!  Yay for making money!


H is also for a Handheld GPS unit.  If you read my last post, you'll know about our my latest obsession with Geocaching.  I've been looking and pricing and wondering how I could get this expensive toy for nothing and trusting God for it.  Today, I ordered one - made specially for Geocaching and more expensive than any I had been looking for - for FREE from Air Miles.  Thank you, Father, for caring about little things and giving good gifts to your children.

What made YOU say Yay! this week?

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