Monday, August 09, 2010

F is for Friends Who Blog

 Here today, for your reading enjoyment, are links to the blogs of people I actually know.

Aaron and Erica Kenny - The Kenny's hosted us for a lot of our time in Kenya, and this blog follows their family, and the work they do there.

Alexis Arbuthnott - A friend from Regina who has moved to Guelph.  She and Shane are expecting their first baby in a few weeks, and it's great to be able to follow along this journey even though she's moved away. 

Erin Graas - A friend from way back - KBK first, I think.  She's just moved to Costa Rica to take a teaching position, and I have to fight twinges of jealousy over her adventure. 

Heather Vanderstelt - Heather and I went to Kenya together and because we keep up with each other's blogs, we keep up the friendship we started - wow - two years ago. 

Holly Johnson - A great friend who flew the coop all the way down under and has been there for two years!  

Jackie Ludke - We played basketball together at Briercrest, and love the visits we get every couple of years.

Jamie Bertram - Another friend from Briercrest days.  Her blog is from her daughter's point of view, and is always entertaining. 

Tera Howitt - Tera goes to my church and just started a blog.  She's only got two posts, but she's a friend who blogs, so here she is! 

Tyson Lyske - Tyson works at another church in the city, and always has something thought provoking on his blog.

Did I miss anyone?  If you have a blog (whether you know me or not!) leave a comment and I'll come and visit yours!

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Missie said...

thanks for the list! I will have to check them out!