Thursday, August 26, 2010

L is for Life Lists

A little while ago I posted about Bucket Lists, and here now for your inspiration (or entertainment), and for my motivation (since it's now public), is the official "Life List."

One Hundred Things To Do Before I'm One Hundred

Sports / Fitness
Run in a 5k race.
Do a Triathlon.
Go snowshoeing.
Go cross country skiing again.
Take M kayaking.

Go on a cruise.
Go to Europe with Sean.
Go to the Maritimes - east coast.
Go to Vancouver Island - west coast.
Take Madeline to Ghana to meet Salomey.
Take a photo of 'the tree' in all four seasons. 

Have at least ONE year where I send everybody cards for their birthdays and anniversaries.
Make bagels.
Write a book.
Landscape my yard so I love it.
Write a letter a week for a year.
Go see U2 in concert again. (Preferably somewhere cool.)
Attend a World Cup soccer game.
Ride an elephant.
Ride a camel.
Hike behind a waterfall.
Find 100 Geocaches.
Ride in a helicopter.
Ride in a hot air balloon.


Ok, so that's not 100... that wasn't literal.
Have you ever added to a list something you've accomplished just so you could check it off?
Here's that half of the list:

Cool Stuff I've Already Done
(these may or may not have been my ideas to start with...)

Sports / Fitness
Windsurfed across the lake without falling.
Snowboarded in 5 provinces.
At one point was a certified snowboard instructor.
Rock climbed in the mountains.
Ice climbed a frozen waterfall.
Played rugby & won provincials.
Set a provincial record for the 800 m in grade 8.
Played & coached soccer.
Played & coached basketball.

In Canada:  BC - Vancouver;  AB - Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, Jasper, Kananaskis;  SK & MB - these are home, so I've been to lots of cool places... Churchill MB is worth mentioning, though;  ON - Toronto, Niagra Falls;  PQ - Montreal, Quebec City

Mexico, Italy, Austria, Germany, Holland, Venezuela, England, Portugal, Barbados, Switzerland, Kenya, USA (North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Florida)

Have been published in a scrapbooking magazine.
Have some handmade goods for sale in retail shops.
Done weddings.
Done baptisms.
Played with the Winnipeg Pops Orchestra.
Played in a jazz trio.  (Like I said, some of these were NOT my ideas...)


Your Turn!  Leave me a comment with the top 3 things on your list.



Suzanne said...

You have inspired me! I'm going to start compiling my list...

MOM said...

Wow! What a cool daughter I have. Love ya'.

Barb Allum (Williams) said...

I need to take some time to think of a list, thanks for the inspiration! But wanted to comment on Churchill!! I remember Churchill! Do you remember the blizzard we got caught in? I was looking at those pictures not that long ago, wow how time flies! And I agree with your Mom, what a cool daughter she has!

Carolyn Ward said...

Barb - Like I said, Churchill was worth remembering!! Good to hear from you!