Tuesday, August 24, 2010

K is for Kadence and the Trip to 'China'

M spent the last week and a bit in Winnipeg with family; when Mom called to make plans to bring her back, she asked if she could bring Levi and Kadence along.  This is Levi's third trip here without his brothers -  he and M are the same age, so he gets the perks, but Kadence, at 3 1/2, hasn't done much without her parents, so this was a pretty big deal.  Of course Mom ran it by Jen first, and Jen checked it out with Kadence, then K went to tell Granny that yes, she would like to go with her to China.  China, Regina.  Same difference.

The travellers with poor Adventure Barbie...

We took in the Royal Red Horse Show.


MOM said...

A road rip with grandchildren is a wonderful privilege and lots of fun!

Kadence said...

dear auntie carolyn,
i'm so glad to see you on the computer. thanks for letting me come over. it was so much fun! then i came home! love kadence