Wednesday, August 11, 2010

G is for Geocaching!

I had heard about geocaching a few times before I got around to looking it up...  watch this:

I saw this Friday night while M was at camp and couldn`t wait to tell her about it.  We had a full weekend, but first thing Monday morning, we were armed with printouts leading us to two caches in our neighborhood, a camera, a pen and pencil for signing the logs, and a handful of our handmade flower petal fairys to trade.  We went to the first one, hunted around and ended up finding it - a great first cache and very exciting way to start.  The second cache eluded us - probably with a GPS unit we might have had a better idea of which part of the park to look in.

Then yesterday, M and I drove to Winnipeg, and our friend Catherine hitched a ride with us - she had done a bit of geocaching with another friend, and I had printed out some possibilities along the #1 highway, so between the rains we made two stops.  The first one was a disappointment, because even with the hint, the area was too big.  Again, a GPS would have helped.  I've priced some out, but wanted to find some caches and be sure we were in this for the long haul before we made that purchase.  The second cache was much easier and a great place to stop, so our disappointment did not last long.

Madeline found this one!
And then again after supper we went out to hunt for two by mom & dad's place.  Mom came, and Jess and the 3 boys, and we found them both!  They had all heard of it, but never done any actual hunting.  I don't know if they're hooked yet, but we are!

So TeamLinz (CaroLYN and MadeLINE) is at 4 caches found - in two days! I've told her that when we get to 10, we'll make and hide our own.


Alexis said...

This is very very cool. (:

Carolyn Ward said...

Update - That first Monday we went out, I asked the girls I was running with at my Running Room Clinic if they had heard of it. One hadn't and one had, and another lady, overhearing us, chimed in that they love it, too. This week, the girl who had never heard of it before told me that over the weekend, she ended up doing a 9 hour day with her boyfriend, finding 40 caches... So awesome!