Wednesday, September 01, 2010

M is for Madeline Goes Back to School

The annual first day of school shot.  Things to notice in this one:
  • The stripy 'purse' lunch bag - a birthday present from Granny.  Much liked (and forgotten at school today, on day 3.)
  • The FLUTE.  She didn't actually need it there on the first day, but couldn't resist taking it anyway.  It used to be mine, and we got it back from my sister for grade six band.
  • The faces in the window.  :)  The Friesens were here for a fun two day visit on their way to a wedding in Calgary.

M is also for Magellan... our new GPS (free from airmiles!) that arrived on Monday!  Jess and I took it out after the kids were in bed one night, in the dark and rain - one cache was behind a locked gate, but we scored with the second one which M and I couldn't find before.  She knew exactly where it was, too, when I told her later that we found it - "Was it in that little part of that one tire?"  Yeah, I think we were probably too chicken to stick our hands down there far enough last time.  I'm going to add a rubber glove to our geocaching kit...


MOM (aka Granny) said...

I sure have some good looking grandkids!

maddy said...

yes . yes you do