Monday, September 06, 2010

N is for Nicole Flats

Can you say 'Packed'?
We went camping this weekend at Buffalo Pound - the original plan was to come home today, but with the forecast of rain last night, overnight and all day today, we packed up late afternoon and were home before the thunderstorm hit.

I didn't realize until we were halfway out there that the reason we seemed fuller than usual was that this was the first time we'd gone camping with the Escape.  We've always had the van before, with 4 more feet for all our stuff.  Glad we still fit!  Thinking next year we'll put the Thule roof box on top.  Haven't needed that since we got the van - guess we'll be needing it again!

She will always brave the water - happy we got this in on
the Saturday afternoon, the warmest part of the weekend.
I checked for geocaches in the area before we left and downloaded the seven close by into my GPS.  They were all down at the end of the lake in the Nicole Flats nature area, which has miles of hiking trails, great scenery and an old homestead.  On Saturday we drove out to one end and found 4 before the sun started going down, and then yesterday we started from the other end to try for the last 3, but only got two before we had to turn back.  Two good days of hiking!  I think that will make up for not running 3 times this week... Well, I'm hoping it will.

Saturday Sunset
With the four caches we had found before, this brings us up to 10; I told M we had to find 10 before we could make our own, so now we're in planning mode for how we'll make ours, what will go in it and where we'll put it.  We'll give you a sneak peak when we get it done.

What did you do this long weekend?

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