Friday, September 10, 2010

O is for my Office

Thought I'd take you on a little tour today...

This is looking in from the door.  Man, that wall looks bare.
The view from the couch - all my planning at my fingertips.  Those boxes are gone now - that was a temporary holding spot for our new photo directories.  Usually during the day my window blind is up and there's some nice greenery out there, and sometime a rabbit.
And the view from my chair out the door.  Art by Krista, afghan by Fran.
Hope you enjoyed our little tour; when you think of me in the afternoons now, you'll be able to picture where I am.  :)


MOM said...

What, no picture of it filled with balloons?

Carolyn Ward said...

I had to take new, current pictures this week, because the only ones I had of it were when it was filled with balloons!