Saturday, September 18, 2010

P is for Photos from this week

The geocache M and I didn't find the first time we looked (and blamed it on not having a GPS), and that Jess and I did find in the dark and in the rain.  Now officially found and logged.
Playing double solitare with the invisible cards.  She's wearing a housecoat I made for her years ago.
Last Sunday Sean's parents were over, and M and I took Grandma geocaching in between going for ice cream (yay Dessart!) and pizza for supper.  Notice all the water...  This was a soggy find!
Tuesday night's craft social.  I got four pages half done... We had 5 people scrapbooking, 2 painting, 1 quilting, 1 cross-stitching, 1 doing homework (and sorting her photos on her laptop when the homework got old), 1 crocheting, and 1 just there to visit.
M and Katherine at Friday's YOUTH KICKOFF.  Some of the youth stuff starts in grade six, so now M is officially in youth group.  Wierd!  These two have known each other since they were the little rugrats dancing in the corner of the youth events.
M spent the afternoon at Kathrine's while we played in the church golf tournament.  Sean and Jeremy play together lots and are both really good, Byron was out for the first time all year and was hitting some great shots.  I was glad most of my shots didn't count...  We didn't win, but Sean did get the prize for the longest drive.
And that's what we've been up to.  Non-stop.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get a nap.  Or maybe I'll go fabric shopping for magic bag material...

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