Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas with the Cousins!

I planned to play around all night in my studio while Sean hosted a poker night upstairs, but the creativity and the energy were both lacking.  I spent time & played Bananagrams with M until she went to bed, then I lost an hour or so in front of the TV...  I did mess around on my new Cricut, and pulled out the layouts that were started but not finished at the scrapbooking retreat in October after not seeing them for 2 1/2 months, but didn't get much done.  Maybe today...  Although tonight feels like a good night for a movie night.

I ordered some photos from Christmas today, so I'll have new stuff to work with, too, but got thinking about how to arrange the little ones and remembered collages, which I haven't worked with much, but have wanted to.  So here for you is a little something I put together...  I find that with my blog, my paper scrapbooking doesn't get very much attention any more.  My pictures are out there to be seen, by more of you than if I scrapbooked them.  That's fine with me - I do enjoy messing around with paper sometimes, but sometimes I want to mess around on the computer, and sometimes I want to sew something and sometimes I want to make something else.  No pigeon hole for me.

No pigeon hole for you either - bring your scrapbooking or whatever else you want to work on to our next Craft Social!  If you live close by and want to join us, we are meeting 7-whenever on Tuesday, January 18, at Westhill Park Baptist Church.  Come to visit!

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MOM said...

I sure love all those young 'uns. I love pictures - always brings to mind the good times.