Monday, January 17, 2011

Confession & Celebration

The confession is this: 

While I had over a month to read Little Women, I did not request it from the library until a week before our book club night, and I did not get it until tonight.  We meet on Thursday and I'm out Tuesday and Wednesday night.  It's a good 562 pages, too.  I'm 76 pages in - I'll let you know if I get it done in time or not.  I may have to indulge in a few late nights!

The cause for celebration is this:

Somebody made the basketball team!  They had tryouts last week and had to wait till this morning to find the list posted with the names of the girls who made it.  Only 3 of the 15 are grade 6's - I'm so excited to go watch her in a real uniform playing on a real team!

1 comment:

MOM (aka Granny) said...

Yeah, Madeline. Following in your Mom's running shoes! Did you know she played basketball even when she was very pregnant with you?