Monday, January 03, 2011

Up Rather Than Down.

When I sit down to 'do devotions' in the morning, I have 4 books with me usually. 
  • My Bible, which is the one constant, whether the others get opened or not.  
  • My journal, which is the next most used, and truthfully, I can easily spend more time writing than I do reading.  
  • My notebook where I write out prayers for M - I find it helps me think clearly about what it is I want for her.
  • My gratitude journal, where I jot down things I am grateful for.  Helpful to focus myself on what is good around me.
I wanted to share what I wrote in M's book today, because I think it applies to me as well as her, and maybe you'll find it helpful for you, too.

I pray for up rather than down.
Optimism rather than pessimism.
Acceptance rather than grumbling.
Willingness rather than laziness.
Good rather than bad.
Cheerful rather than grumpy.
Positivity rather than depression.
Up rather than down.

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