Monday, August 01, 2011

It's NOT the same as Hoarding!

I've started collecting stuff from around the house, garage and shed for a garage sale this coming weekend.  There are a few of us doing it together at a friend's, which should be a good time.  I'm not really optimistic about making any money at it, but it will give me something to do while Sean is away golfing with the guys and M is away hanging out at Granny & Papa's.

The garage sale plus M being gone adds up to why this is a good week to empty, go through, and re-insulate the storage rooms off the sides of M's room.  I have to admit that I wasn't prepared for the mountain of clothing I'd see when I opened the first door.  We've lived in this house for 11 years now, and M has always been in that bedroom.  At some point over the years, she's gotten into that storage area, dug around in the boxes of her baby & little girl clothes and gone exploring.  Wow.  Well, it all had to come out anyway...  There are over a dozen boxes filled with all her baby stuff and clothes from newborn to maybe 4ish?  So much.  At first we kept it because we planned to have more, and then as those plans derailed, and got put on hold, we just never gave much thought to the boxes stacked in the awkward attic space.

These shots are from when I first emptied it out yesterday - I have made a bunch of progress and only have 4 or 5 boxes left to go through.  Lots of feeling nostalgia - I just want to hug my little two year old in that outfit and have her reach up and play with my hair the way she did...  Aw.  Lots of cute memories.  Also lots of "Ew - this is ugly - why would I have kept it in the first place since I most likely never put it on M?"  Those are for the garage sale boxes.  I'm about half and half keep and toss right now.  Why is there a keep pile?  Hmm... Maybe I'll post about that another day.

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