Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Stuff in the Kitchen

Once in a while I get a cookbook or food magazine out of the library, and copy recipes that look good.  I have a binder where I keep all my collected recipes; it holds the ones that have become regulars, and these possibilities.  At the beginning of last week, on menu making Monday, I flipped through to see if there was anything new I wanted to try, since I didn't want to get back to our default meal plans just yet (summer calls for different food than the regular year round recipes).

I found two that worked out great - Tuesday we had Feta Stuffed Chicken, which had a little bit of lite cream cheese mixed with tomato and basil feta in the middle - yummy!  Then Friday I made Nacho Mac 'N' Cheese, which was actually really good.  Taco seasoning was the main flavor, but it had a bit of pepper to give it some kick, too.  Red pepper and corn gave it some color and nice texture mixed in with the ground beef and gemelli pasta.  With two cups of cheese in it and some crushed tortilla chips for crunch on top, it was definitely one we'll make again.

Then Saturday, because I had unknowingly bought chicken breasts still on the bone, I simmered up some chicken vegetable soup with the bones.  We normally have soup and bagels Sunday after church, so today we had the homemade stuff (which was good but not amazing - I'll add more seasoning next time), and homemade scones.

Yes, I did some baking too - the scones are amazing and it's been too long since I've made them.  I also made a recipe for a Saturday morning treat that I found on Pinterest - it was not a healthy one, but oh so yummy.  Cinnamon Roll Cake - I didn't even keep the recipe, since it's way too fattening to make again.

That's been my adventures in the kitchen this past week - let me know if you want any of the recipes.

What something new did you make in the kitchen this week?

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Violet said...

Yum! It all sounds great. I would love the recipe for the stuffed chicken and mac and cheese.