Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Week & a Few Links

Very actively playing Wii.
Today is an 'empty square' day - nothing on the calendar!  We slept in, Sean made brunch, we played a little frisbee dog on the Wii all together, and now he's out trying out the new shaft on his driver at the driving range.  We've kept the Wii going and later we'll head to the in-laws for supper.  I'm trying to get behind the camera today as I'm a little behind in my class - gotta get playing there.  It's a great day.

Our week has included:
  • Shopping for school supplies & school clothes
  • Sean switching cars around, putting the new one in the garage and taking the old one out to pasture at Sheldon's acreage
  • Madeline helping with VBS at church for Thursday and Friday
  • Sean getting 9 holes in with his brother
  • Schooling M in basketball at the school yard down the street
  • Date night - dinner out at Brown's Social House

I am a big fan of weekly planning;while I don't do too much other than Monday's weekly menu and groceries, I do  have lists for cleaning and M's chores.  Maybe once school starts we'll tidy those up and start to use them again.  Summer is pretty relaxed.  I bring this up because of a link on A Holy Experience today - a whole bunch of great printable planning helps.  Go check it out and maybe find something that would work for you.

I have spent a couple nights this week downstairs playing & making stuff.  Big Picture Classes, where I'm taking that camera class, has a free two week Festival of Ideas I signed up for, and I've actually made 4 of the 6 projects so far.  6x6 pages are so little and simple.  I'm adapting it to a 'being pregnant' theme, so that adds to the fun.  I'll post the finished product when I'm done.  (You can sign up for this until the 27th if you want to join in!)

Pinterest.  Have you checked this out yet?  I've killed an hour or so looking around on this site.  The link is to Elisha Snow's account - she's the one teaching the camera class I'm taking.  I don't know if I want to request an invite or not - it seems like it would be a great way to keep track of all the cool ideas I see online, but since I don't spend that much time surfing and looking, or even all that much time on the computer, I don't think I'll jump into it just yet.

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