Saturday, March 17, 2012

Donations Being Accepted...

Madeline has a friend who has done the MS Walk the last few years, and who this year started up a team.  Madeline joined (the only one in their class to do so), and is excited about the event.  I love that my daughter likes to do things that help people.  She is 12, so there is the fun aspect that draws her, but the fact that she can do something to help people is a legit draw, too.

She set a goal of $150 - we just sent out the first emails a couple of days ago, and I mentioned it on facebook today, and she's already up to $140 with three more who have said they will give.  I'm guessing she'll be wanting to do this again next year and will set a much higher goal!

If you wanted to donate, there are a few ways you can do that:
* her personal fundraising page is here for online donations
* she has a pledge sheet with her and can accept cash and cheques made out to 'MS Society - MS Walk'
* there is a steak night (with great door prizes) on April 19 at the Broken Rack - $25 for adults & $15 for 12 & under.

Thanks for your support - both for the great cause of funding MS research, and for encouraging my daughter in her desire to help others.

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