Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Months Old!!

Nolan is two months old today.  What a wonderful time these last two months have been - he has added so much into our family.  The highlight of the last day for me has been getting out for walks with the stroller.  So great.  We went all together yesterday, and today N and I walked up to the public health office to weigh him, since our doctor's appointments for today got bumped till next week.  I was curious about how much he was now: 14 lbs & 14 oz.  Big boy!  He falls asleep in the stroller (helps that I tend to go at nap time!), and I hope to get out for a walk now just about every day.

I had to miss M's school production last week because N was having a super fussy day, but we haven't had to miss too many of her things.  We just have a little someone to sit in the stands and cheer with us.  He was actually awake for her last basketball game and watched all the action intently in the first half before he fell asleep.  He was awake for some of her last soccer games this weekend, too.  We also went to a couple of hockey games this past week (my nephews Mathew and Josh both play) - this little one is quite the sports fan already. 

Tummy Time!

...with a smile.

All tuckered out.

Watching the camera...

...and basketball!

Meeting Jen & Jeremy's new baby girl Eden. (M took the photos.)

Dad swap!  He's 7 weeks there and she's 2 weeks & 5 lbs. 

Hanging with M's Grandpa McCall on our shared birthday.

Isn't he awesome?


MOM (aka Granny) said...

very awesome!

Kadence said...

I like Nolan's sweatshirt because it has stripes like a zebra on it. I like Madeline's pink stipe in her hair.

Nicole said...

How Cute!!!How BIg!!! We just spent the weekend with our friends whose baby is exactly a month older than Nolan and I walked with her to the health unit to get him weighed...13lbs 5oz.(he did start out smaller 8lbs10oz) LOVE Nolans smile!!! Sure has a strong neck!!!Thanx so much for putting on more pics....It really is fun to watch him grow. Nicole