Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Days

Some days are made for being productive.

This morning I went to the fabric store and picked up enough to make 26 more magic bags.  I have a number of covers on hand, but have completely depleted my stock of cloth for the inside bags, and have only one completed bag on hand.  Now I have (more) stuff to work on during nap times.  Nolan was an angel while we were out, and I got the car washed and bags dropped off at the Salvation Army store too.  This afternoon I wrote a batch of thank yous and made up a batch of new cards... feeling very productive today.

Some days are made for sitting at home all day, stuck under a sleeping baby.

Nolan was a bit sick over the weekend with a stuffy nose - it made it hard for him to sleep laying down at times, and I sure didn't mind holding him while he slept!  Last Thursday we had a day full of outings, which meant he had multiple short naps and kept getting woken up, then his cold set in - Friday was a wonderful day with an empty schedule, and I didn't leave the house once.  Saturday and Sunday were more of the same, with only a supper at the in laws to get us out of the house.  We even missed church on Sunday - I haven't been there in 3 weeks with a trip to Winnipeg, M's soccer tournament and sick boy!  Next week??  Hope so.

When Monday turned into another home day, I was ready for a Costco outing with the boys in the evening, and ready to hit the shops this morning.  It sure is nice when there's nothing on the to-do list as important as spending time with the baby.  I am loving my new role and every moment with this little guy.

Some days you just have to brag about your kids. 

All the French kids in M's school had to write and present speeches, and the top few from each class then had to present in front of all the french kids.  Madeline was one of the ones from her class picked, and from the all-school presentations yesterday, she got top marks and now goes on to compete against other school's students next Tuesday.  She was really hoping she wouldn't be selected, but I guess her nerves didn't do too much harm to her presentation skills.  I'm pretty proud of her.


I'll leave you with a few shots of Nolan.  (Is this maybe the only reason I have readers lately...?!)  These are all from last month, and are all photos I took with my phone then sent to Sean.  I think he likes getting a little bit of Nolan in the middle of his day.

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Granny said...

Way to go, Madeline i am so proud of you, too. Did you know that Kadence is going into French Immersion next year? You two will be able to share secrets that only you two will understand, unless I get going on my French stuff, too. Love you all.