Thursday, March 15, 2012

Truly Thankful

I often find myself writing thank you notes in my head.

So many things that we have for Nolan were gifts, and as we use them I find myself appreciating the person who gave it to us.  Honestly, if thoughts were known (and we're all glad they're not, right?) you'd already know how much I appreciate you.

But I do have to get those thoughts down on paper and into your hands, and it's a job I don't mind doing.  The reason it's not already finished (besides the fact that my list is pages long), is that I have to make them before I can write them.  It is more meaningful for me to give a card I've made, so my thank you's must be homemade to convey the sincerity of my thanks.

While they are not complex designs, sometimes finding time is an issue, so forgive me if it takes a while.  It is on its way.

Starts with plain white cut-in-half cardstock, then a hand drawn line around the outside, and a strip of blue ribbon.  Some I had, some more I picked up for this.

Then the stamped onesie, 'thank you' written in, stapled on with blue staples to blue scraps for mats, bottoms torn.

Then ready to be written with the thanks and thoughts in my head, and off to your hands.

I am truly grateful.  So many gifts filling my boy's room, and so many gifts in my friendships with you.  So much to be thankful for.

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