Monday, March 05, 2012

Waiting for Compassion

I learned something new the other day.  We sponsor children with Compassion Canada, and I read something last week that I didn't realize before about when children start to benefit from Compassion's programs.  I guess I had assumed that when a child gets sponsored, that's when they begin to get benefits like:
  • educational opportunities
  • health care and health-related instruction
  • nutrition
  • life-skills training
  • and opportunities to hear about and respond to the gospel.
In fact, it works like this:

"Let's say you're a child growing up in poverty. A church nearby your home announces that they have partnered with Compassion and because of this partnership, if you are registered in the program, you will receive benefits that were never before available to you.

It's all very exciting so your parents take you and register you at the local church. The church volunteers gather information about you and your family and take your picture. You're officially registered!

You now have all the financial benefits of this program but there's more! You are going to be connected to one sponsor. You just have to wait for someone to sponsor you.

And for some children, they wait and wait and wait..."

So when you browse the Compassion site, and see all the kids you could sponsor, it isn't that they are waiting to begin the program - they are already a part of it.  They are just waiting for someone to say yes to being theirs.  Someone to say, "yes, I will pay for those benefits you are receiving, yes, I will pray for you and love you and send you letters and photos so you know you are loved, and so you can see a real experience of how Jesus loves you, too."

Would you consider taking a few minutes to go here and play with the search area?  Look for children with your birthday, or in a country that interests you.  Search for the ones that have been waiting longest - think about how overjoyed they would be if someone picked them, finally...

And may you know this week that you are loved, and that Someone has picked you.

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Dooger said...

Very well said. I can't say enough in praise of Compassion. I think we now have 8 kids. Our family continues to grow.